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The mesmerizing Shimmer Wall stands 2.1 m wide and 2.1 m tall, extendable to 2.4 m. This dazzling wall boasts a silver metallic surface that reflects the vibrant hues of its surroundings.

Perfect for indoor parties, its shimmering effect adds a touch of elegance and excitement.

Please note, that due to its lightweight nature, it's not suitable for outdoor use in windy conditions.

Delivery, set up and pick up cost from $90 to $150.

Available exclusively in Perth WA.

Shimmer Wall

  • To rent this item, please fill out the form on the “Contact” website page or alternatively


    Instagram message: @giantflowers_australia

  • The minimum, standard hire period is 1 day. A 50% deposit is required upon the booking of the Hire. Delivery, set up, and pick up are not included in the price, starting from $90.

    For more Terms & Conditions go to the “T&C” website page.

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